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We would like to thank you for showing interest in DIAPRO products. We at DIAPRO have a long association with the footwear industry due to our overseas marketing (export). It is this exposure to International market that has led us to develop a range of diabetic sandals & shoes keeping in mind the Indian foot anatomy, style preferences.

DIAPRO footwear has been designed addressing the special needs of Diabetic Feet which a general purpose shoe does not provide.

The upper of the Diapro footwear has adjustable straps, which can be expanded or contracted depending on the individual need of the patient.

Velcro on the straps minimizes the risk of injuries from scratch caused by metal buckles, which can be fatal in a diabetic condition.

The skin-fit lining inside helps the feet to remain dry reducing risk of foot infection. The softness of the lining provides comfort during walking or standing and reduces the break-in period to '0' days.

The socks are made of leather, which is soft & again breathable. The tensile (tearing resistance) strength of leather being much higher than normal synthetic material (synthetic material is also non-breathable) the socks is more durable in sustaining abrasion.

The main feature of DIAPRO is the triple layer insole. The upper layer ensures optimum cushioning/bouncing effect. It has a 60% instant shape retention property ideal for cushioning effect required in these kind of footwear. The Upper layer is a self set material, which takes the shape of the outer profile of the regular wearer’s feet. This leads to maximum possible Pressure Offloading & Comfort.

The middle layer further aids the cushioning of the top layer.

The bottom most layer is of Cellulose board, which is rigid in nature & prevents the top two layers from sinking in. This prolongs the cushioning effect.

The sole is anti skid in nature preventing slips & falls in normal course. The wide toe box is ideal for giving adequate toe room, which does not hinder the normal toe movement.

So, all the above features have been incorporated keeping in mind the all possible manifestations of a Diabetic foot condition. But, the most important is the Self set insole & the adjustable upper straps which can be ideal for all the patients.

If some one has cuts & wounds on the feet then the upper pattern needs to be adjusted (where ever possible) as the case may be.

DIAPRO has started off these footwear models across some style & categories- the 'Diasole' . But, considering the need of the diabetic patients from the general strata of the society, we have also come out with footwear models ranging from Rs 800 to Rs 1450.00, the basic designs and concept remaining the same, for general offloading purposes, with MCR sole & MCP insole.

Our products have been certified by FDDI (Footwear Design & Development Institute of India), which is the premier institute of Footwear design, development & research.

As per FDDI, ENERGY ABSORPTION (Based on ISO 20345:2004 as per clause No-6.2.4) is 32J and


The attached test report from FDDI substantiates our claim about the resilience of the Insole padding, aiding pressure reduction & anti skid property of the sole.


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